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Krisanne Hall

Essential Stories for Junior Patriots - 2nd Edition

Essential Stories for Junior Patriots - 2nd Edition

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Sowing the Seeds of Liberty

This 2nd edition is corrected and updated. Each chapter is followed by study questions for the students.

In recent years America has taken a hard turn away from Liberty, toward the destructive ideologies of collectivism. For the enemies of Liberty to implement collectivist policies, everyday Americans must be convinced that America is a failure, that its ideals are outdated or flawed from the beginning. The most susceptible to these lies are children and students who lack a proper foundation in the truth about America’s founding principles.

This book is for students and their parents; it will help you to become acquainted with the principles that make America exceptional. Learn about the founding mothers, freed slaves who fought for liberty; discover critical founders like Richard Henry Lee, John Leland. Get introduced to the state sovereignty and the structure of our government. Find out the 700 year foundation upon which our Constitution and Bill of Rights rest. Socialism and all other forms of collectivism are diametrically opposed to our system of government and always result in the destruction of individual liberty. In a recent survey, 64% of Americans have a favorable view of socialism. I believe our nation truly hangs by a thread – we have already lost a generation to collectivist brainwashing. Our only hope may be to raise up a new generation of patriots armed with the truth. We must start now! Take this book and others like it and SOW THE SEEDS OF LIBERTY into the minds of a new generation of patriots. May God grant us a space of grace to save the greatest nation ever founded in His name. If not, may HE come quickly and deliver us from our folly!

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