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KrisAnne's Whole Bean Coffee

KrisAnne's Whole Bean Coffee

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8oz bag of roasted whole bean coffee from Sumatra and Columbia, Dark Roast or Medium.
KrisAnne’s dedication to the Constitution and her role as a national speaker on constitutional matters have equipped countless Americans to protect their own freedoms. She  has trained countless Sheriffs and Deputies to defend the rights of their constituents. This training led to the creation of her award-winning documentary series, ‘Noncompliant.’ A Sheriff who understands his role and duty can be the most valuable ally against overreaching government dictates.

You’ll want to buy a bag because this new coffee line will go directly to funding the training of sheriffs and deputies throughout the nation. With every purchase of the half-pound bag of Whole Bean Coffee from Kris Anne Hall, you’re supporting the defense of liberty. Brew a cup of Kris Anne Hall’s Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee and take part in a mission that trains and equips our frontline defenders.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Daniel Coakley
    Good morning!!!!

    I bought the 2 pk of medium roast and I am very impressed with the flavor! I fine grind it to make espresso and it is perfect! Glad to support a great cause :)

    Daniel Spencer

    Did not receive it.

    Jonathan Diress
    Excellent quality! 🙌

    I am very pleased with this coffee so thank you! I'm glad that I no longer have to pay $6.45 cents for a small latte cup filled only half way. I'm also glad that I don't have to enter a Starbucks with a big LGBTQ flag flying into my face when I open the doors. I want to support the constitution, our sheriffs and KRIS ANNE HALL!

    Raymond Ward
    Love to support you!!

    I Love what
    You do and want to support!